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Bow, Headbands + Headwraps Holder

Here's one cute way you can store your little ones bows, headband, headwraps and more. This a video tutorial that comes with a free PNG | PDF file download of the bow holder template.

Bow, Headbands + Headwraps Holder

For all your beautiful bows, headbands and more.

This beautiful Bow Holder tutorial is designed by me. Can be made out of balsa wood, basswood, chipboard and many other like items. In this video I have used 2mm chipboard.

Video Also include a fast and SUPER easy Tutorial for this simple, minimal headwraps hanger/holder. (Pictured on the left in the picture below.) It is also perfect for ZHANNASTAR Bow Headbands.



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I hope you enjoyed watching the tutorial! If you have any questions you can comment below. Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel! 🖤

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