Knotted Headband

Lightweight ribbed fabric. Can be untied and retied as the baby grows.

Chunky Knotted Headband | Mini Hearts

  • Material: 96% Polyester 4% spandex

    Very soft rib knit fabric.

    SIZE: true to size by age, but babies are diffrent, so see if you can measure the little ones head. Can be untied and re-tied as baby grows.

    Newborn 12 inches
    1 Month 13 inches
    1-3 Months 14 inches
    3-6 Months 15 inches
    6-9 Months 16 inches
    9-12 Months 17 inches
    12-18 Months 18 inches
    18-24 Months 19 inches
    2-5 Years 20 inches

    Please note: Colors may appear slightly different based on your settings

    As with all baby items, Please do not leave babies unattended while wearing the item at all items.